Sunday, 27 February 2011

Compiling ping6 for DD-WRT

Hi all, time for another relatively easy build, but one I've been asked for before, ping6. I used gun inetutils ping6, here's how to get going.

With your cross compile environment set up using instructions from my previous post, get and unpack the inetutils source:

# wget
# tar xzvf inetutils-1.8.tar.gz
# cd inetutils-1.8

You'll see what I mean when I say this is one of the easy ones. This package contains a lot of other applications with you probably don't want, including ifconfig (which I haven't yet worked out how to compile). To configure and build ping6, just do the following 2 commands:

# ./configure --host=mipsel-linux-uclibc --disable-clients --disable-servers --disable-ifconfig
# make

Assuming that went without a hitch, your new shiny ping6 binary can be found in the ping6 subdirectory. Copy that to your router and give it a go!

Next week I have a quick guide to an alternative use for DNSmasq.

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