Thursday, 26 May 2011

Expert Phone Support

Hi all, I can now reveal to you the commercial project I have been working on the past month, and they are currently accepting registrations.

The idea is, you post a question, and experts offer answers. You get an email with a premium rate number to call to be connected to the expert. The expert gets a percentage of the call revenue.

Why I think this idea is different:

  • You pay per minute of the call, not for full hours like a computer repair shop would
  • You time with the expert is one-to-one, you don't drop it off, leave it and wait for a call
  • You can supervise the expert if you give them remote access. This means they can't go through your holiday snaps while you're not looking (sadly, this is a common practice)
Of course, I also see some issues with the way it works, but nothing that cannot be solved with a proper complaints procedure (required by law anyway). If you're interested check out the website at and the Facebook Page.

1 comment:

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